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Mp swirls are evil...


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At least one of mine is definitely a bit sinister looking, lol.

Then there is was the nice Dolphin surprise! These two were just an experiment with pouring and temp techniques. It worked ok, but still not what I was aiming for exactly.

The rest is what I have been playing with over the last two weeks. I only do experiments so far, lol...just a bar or two at a time usually.

The blue one on top was an attempt at a 3 color swirl( yellow, white, blue)... too hot I guess cuz it only marbled. Under that are a few rectangular experiments using purple, black and soap glitter. The black went crystalized. The very large round one was a few of these same bars just barely melted back down in a new mold, with some scrap shavings on top with a final topping of clear overpour to hold them on. Everything on that plate is scented Black Raspberry Vanilla.

The second plate...more experiments. The funky colored massage bar was a bad attempt at a goldenrod color, lol... and then I wanted to use my blueberry fibers to see what it would look like. Well, as I was cleaning up I found the tag for the Vanilla Bean Specks. No wonder I was disappointed with the color, lol. :rolleyes2 Scented Lavender Vanilla Downy.. so I guess it was meant to be! The white bar has Calendula petals on top and is made with an oil infusion of Calendula, chamomile, lavender and peppermint. I can't wait to try this in the shower! I was told by a friend that it was 'scarey' looking, lol. But I promise those brown squigly things are NOT worms, lol. Just petals that soaked up some oil. The chunk soap is the blue and green and white left overs from the first plate with a clear overpour scented Hyacinth Chula Orchid. I thought it looked like a Hydrangea... so I grabbed this FO..but the fumes must have been getting to me already because a Hydrangea and a Hyacinth are different!:rolleyes2

And oh yeah, the golf soaps are guest soaps scented in Tall Grass for a golfer friend (the one who is afraid of my Calendula soap, lol) I made some with lemon grass on the bottom, and I just love them. But he's not impressed. He says scrubbies are for girls, lol.

Hope that explains all of them! Thanks for peeking.:D

p.s. there are a few soaps that are the same but in a dif mold on each plate I see. And I forgot to mention the fishy soap. Not the best one i've ever done, but it was a last minute gift additon for a neice.






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Totally see the Grinch in that green one, how funny is that?!

I think those are AWESOME swirls for M&P, it's HARD to swirl M&P, I still can't get anything near that after almost 3 years!

Love all the colors and textures you have there also. Looks like you're having fun experimenting. :D


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Thanks everyone!

Yanno, I didn't even see that face or anything. My 8yr old daughter pointed it out, lol. I was too busy trying to figure out if the blue one looked like a wave or a dolphin I guess, lol. But once she said it, man... it's totally there, lol. Cept I seen more of an evil buzzard looking thing or something.(I've actually never seen The Grinch in it's entirety... could be why!)

Steph... it totally COULD be cabbage too! I can see it!. Too funny. I plan on taking those golf ball halves and setting them down into a 'green' rectangular bar. I'm just looking for something shaped right. Seems like I wouldn't have to buy something like that yanno? I'll find something!!

Michi- It is hard. :sad2: I mean you can see from the pics... even when I can do it, I can't do it with consistency yet. :rolleyes2 :( But it is fun!:cheesy2: I just wish I was a dirtier person. Lol. One can only take so many showers... and those worm soaps aren't leaving this house! And if they are 'too pretty' then family says too pretty to use.:rolleyes2 I think they are just skerrrred!!!!!!!;)

Thanks again! - Blaze

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