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Pourette FO ?

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One of my first FO orders was from Pourette. Since then I have tried several other companies but Pourette's Baby Powder FO is the best I have found. I tried their french vanilla and got no hot or cold throw and tried their columbian roast and thought it smelled awful.

My question is does anyone else use any of Pourettes FO's in soy? If so, what FO's have worked for you? I want to order more baby powder from them but I'd like to purchase more than one FO with my order. Any suggustions would be greatly appreciated :cheesy2: .


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For awhile I used Pourette exclusively, until they started mysteriously running out of stock. Their Baby Powder is exceptionally strong and works very well in soy wax. I agree on the Colombian Roast, it smells like columbian crap. The French Vanilla seems very weak compared to some of their others, although by itself it smells wonderful. I've used at least 20 of their FOs, the best one by far in terms of both hot and cold throw in soy has got to be Flower Shop...a very strong lilacy scent that you can smell twenty feet away. Their Chocolate is very good, I made a test candle with it in pure soy and gave it to a friend of mine for testing...she said the scent filled her house. Their Orange Creamsicle is delicious but works better in soy, in paraffin it has the nasty fuel smell when burning. Other notables are Sinful Pleasure (which I've had a hell of a time trying to get again), Baked Apple, Starlight Grove, Balance (this one is GREAT!), and Lemon Meringue. Pumpkin Spice smells great on its own but seems to have little hot or cold throw in paraffin, haven't tried it in soy yet. I have a sampler of their Strawberry Shortcake but I haven't tried it yet but it smells absolutely delicious.

I'm getting candle nose just thinking about some of these FOs, and they're all at my other house. :D

Oh, almost forgot...I made two apple candles using the Apple FO...VERY convincing, and the Apple FO smells very, very natural and real. I got the apple mould from them as well...some of their 3D moulds are great, but sometimes you have to modify them to align correctly, which is kind of a pain in the butt.

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