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Peaks, Mms, Flickers + Fragrances Reviews!!


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Okay.. spent a few days pouring testers for spring. I use 75/25 Parasoy blend. Here are the reviews:


Jasmine - great hot and cold throw at 9%

Gardenia - great hot and cold throw at 9% (could get away with less, but I did not want to take any chances! This one is especially strong.. may need to back down a little)

Juicy Pineapple - great hot and cold at 9% (YUMMY!)


Romance - SUPER strong at 1.3 ounces per pound. Could use 1.1/# great scent. Same as Gold Canyons Romantic.. AWESOME!


Nishiki Grapefruit - Awesome dead on grapfruti rind kind of smell.. I poured at 9% and it is strong cold throw..have not burned yet.

Cinnamon Vanilla - 9 % this is my new favorite.. smells like a very strong strudel.. hands down my favorite CV that I have smelled to date.. super cold and hot throw.. I know.. not a spring scent, but it was too good to not pour!

FLICKERS FRAGRANCES - Okay.. I have been looking to replace my Herbal Ecstacy from Tradewinds for many reasons. I stumbled across this:

Medeteranian Garden Spa - Good Lord I love this scent! I beautiful floral herbal blend that is elegant! I used 9% but definitely need to drop it down to 1.3 ounces per pound.. the cold throw is too strong to me.. and that rarely happens! Buy this one with confidence! Great throw hot and cold.. definite house filler. Another note... I used this in my M&P soap and it smells fantastic! It would make a great scent in CP! It is VERY strong.. more enjoyable at lower concentrations.

Okay.. done typing.. hope this helps someone looking for some nice florals!


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The Med Garden Spa from OFS (Flickers) is great! Very strong thrower in soy. I love all of Lisa's oils. Juniper & Aloe is my current fav.

I ordered Kai from Rhonda at Flickers during the pre-buy and it is an awesome floral. I'm not too big on florals but this one is great!

Thanks for the reviews!

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Hi Teri,

Thanks for the review. :) I enjoy your reviews too! I have MC's Nishiki Grapefruit and it is in my pile to test within the next few days. I am curious to know when you burn it if you get a fuel smell at 9%. Please post the burn result on this one when you can. I will be pouring it in a 70/30. Thanks!


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