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Irritated eyes

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Has anyone nailed down the causes of eye redness when burning candles? I make paraffin ones and it happens to me.

I'm thinking that it might be the paraffin since I recently had a great color/scent/wax experience with a soy container candle.

I'm sure it could also be the dye or scent causing the irritation, but if anyone has a tried and true combo for a candle that's easy on the eyeballs, I'm all ears. :D

I travel with the soy one to make my hotel rooms smell better.

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ALL candles release small particles into the air as they burn. FOs are a big offender in eye irritation. If this is bothering you, try using flamless candles (tarts, etc.). If you still experience irritation - stop using them altogether.:o

You only get one pair of eyes per customer in life!:o

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Maybe I could clarify a bit...

My travelling buddy is a non-irritating soy/pink/strawberry candle, I just don't know what makes it so easy on my eyes.

Thanks for any input before I just start randomly buying stuff and testing.

EDIT: I'll also go ask in the fragrance section since that is a big possible offender.

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I have serious eye allergies -- a monster list of things my body isn't allergic too, but makes my eyes itch, turn red, water & just miserable. I would guess you're having a reaction to some ingredient in the offending candle. I've heard soy candles are much easier on people w/ asthma & allergic conditions, but I would think the fo's are a more likely cause. Sounds like you need to try working w/ soy. Then you'll only get headaches from trying to tame this wax!! Good luck --


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