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same melt point different name?

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I'm kind of researching to figure something out. I want to change my wicks. To change my wicks I need to change the wax combo I use. So I'm looking at some of the soy options. I'm trying to find one that will be available from several suppliers nearby, so I don't get in a bind. However........

Question: would you say that using the melt point is a fair way to compare 2 soy waxes? Like if I find a Golden brands wax with a 120 mp at a supplier and they run out, but they have Ecosoya CB at 120 mp, would they behave the same way in a blend? I don't think I'd be nervy enough to switch around with out testing first, but I'm curious. Any one tried this?

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Melting point is only one of the characteristics that a given type of wax may share with another. I would not assume that two waxes from different manufacturers would behave the same simply because they may share the same melting point. Because of the varience between brands, I would test each one independently and arrive at my own conclusions based on that testing.

I want to change my wicks. To change my wicks I need to change the wax combo I use.

Why change wicks and why change wax? Many waxes work well with a variety of wicks. What about your wicks don't you like? Why wouldn't a different wick work with your wax?

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I currently use zinc wicks. They burn great, I just would like to get rid of the zinc thread. I'd like to use LX or eco, but the 2 waxes I mix right now do not do well with LX or eco, I've tried. I know this is a backwards way of doing things, but that's what I do:D . I want a new soy wax anyway- because the one I'm using is not available nearby. So, new wicks, new wax.

Long story short-I was just curious about the melt point in soys. I know sometimes suppliers sell waxes under different names that are the same as another suppliers wax. I've read about that here. I guess that's what got me thinking about the similarities in the waxes. (I'm not going to assume anything-already learned that lesson. :wink2:) What other factors would determine the wick choice?

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What doesn't work with LX or Eco? Do they die out, smoke, burn too quickly? It could be the size of your wicks, not the wax.

Or the fragrance.

I use C-3. It works well with CD wicks and Cotton core. Mushrooming is an issue, though. I have zinc and they work well but they aren't very popular with people- people tend to confuse them with 'lead' wicks, which are illegal and unsafe and probably not very common at all in the US.

Could also be the jars you're using? What sort of candles are you making? Shape? Etc...

There are so many variables. I have spent months working with different wicks in order to find the right ones, and even then, soy can be testy.

I've used Eco in votives but the wicks were too small for my votives.

Let us know more details. :)

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I appriciate your questions but I'm not trying to correct a problem exactly. I guess I gave more info then necessary and confused the issue. My whole combination works perfectly as is. I mix soy and paraffin. LX and eco smoked too much in this blend. Edited to say I had my wicks mixed, up haven't yet tested eco in this blend.

Question-Just wondered about the melt points in soy waxes and if you could compare one wax with another by melt point, or any other factor for that matter. Maybe I'm not explaining myself well, or it could just be a dumb question.

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