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Name for tricky scent combo?


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Hi all....

I always enjoy offering my creative juices and have fun trying to come up with names for scents. And this time it's me!

Problem is there is no color or original name to play off of. So far I am using this particular oil infusion for lotion bars, salves and body type balms. I find myself pretty behind in so many things right now so I have not found the time to mull this over much. So I offer it up to you to see if you would like to try to help.

Here is what it is... an infused oil consisting of Calendula, chamomile, lavender, & peppermint, in that order. The best way I can describe it is to say it is 'herbal' and 'clean', but not in a distinctive manly way that most things called 'herbal' can sometimes be. Yet... not exactly floral either. It's not pungent at all. It's just fresh and real smelling.

I also made a variation of this with Water Blossom Ivy FO. But with only enough to give it a base smell of it, yet still allowing the other scents to mingle and be accounted for. So I guess I will be needing two names. I'm leaning towards playing off the obvious benefits of said ingredients, so something having to do with 'calm, peaceful, relax, soothe, comfort,' etc.

Any ideas? Feel free to toss them out. Thanks so much.:cheesy2:

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Thanks for the wonderful ideas everyone...

I was thinking '(something) Spa' myself, but I always try to avoid what's been done before, lol. But hey, if that's what fits, then that's what fits right? Who am I to fight it? Lol.

Nothing says Calm or Soothe like SPA huh? Soothing Herbal Spa will work just fine!

Ohh, and I'm really loving 'Tranquil Meadow'! I will definitely find a use for that too!

And yes, I am totally loving making my own stuff. It's pretty neat that you can get the benefits of a botanical into your oils, and then get your oils into a product... and not even have to add scent, lol! Too cool. Now I just have to reign myself in and don't go too crazy... you should see the plans I have in my mind for an Herb garden, lol. :shocked2:

Thanks so much everyone!

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