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Best ICS and Snowtop scents


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ok, i know there was another post going about ICS best scents, but i didn't want to clog it up since i didn't know what wax they used.

I'm looking to order snowtops cranberry spice scent and would like to order a few more of snowtops and some of ICS too.

I use soy wax and a soy lotion base - and i prefer the bakery, food, drink, fruity type scents, but i do need to add a few florals-even though i don't care much for florals, i need to have them available for customers.

I've never tried anything from either company.

I need to place an order shortly- i did notice however that their melonade and raspberry lemonade? are out of stock currently, so i may wait til they come back in-they sound good...



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Heather, ALL of ICS juice bar oils have done really great in my 100% soy. I really like ICS fragrances and their prices are great too. I am a old member of snowtop, and only carried a few of their oils, due to most of them being just bakery scents, and their vanilla bliss not being a "PURE" vanilla. I only ordered small amts of the vanilla bliss, and use ICS's Vanilla Smoothie....Its one of the best vanillas I've tested.


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i use 100% soy & mc's soy based lotion & these have worked great for me.

bear claws

vanilla frosted grahams

cactus & sea salt

salty sea air

passionberry- omg i love it and it's selling great for me.

key lime pie


japanese plum- needs 2 wks to cure, but well worth it.

cantaloupe lily- needs 2 wks to cure, but well worth it.

sea blossom

ocean mist

cookies & cream


the only one i've tried is the caramel nut cluster & it's awesome.

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just wanted to add my two scents :cheesy2:

i haven't tried a snowtop scent that i didn't like.. if you like bakery you will love the creme brulee.. i renamed it "oreo cookie" or you could call it chocolate chip cookie.. its wonderful.. and scents my whole house within minutes of lighting.. i also have customers who will only buy the cranberry orange spice.. the lemon gumdrop is great.. lilac is so realistic is unbelievable. i truely don't think you will be unhappy with any of the scents.. i've tried them all.. the apple is great for fall.. and is a wonderful seller.. for lavender lovers.. true lavender is the bomb.. if you have any questions on any of the scents feel free to pm me..

i use 415 soy and htp 126 in my 8 oz jelly jars..

carmel nut cluster is awesome... though its a heavier oil... i sell alot of tarts in this one.. another bakery lover scent that can't be beat..

i'm truely happy as i think ics has wonderful.. wonderful scents so this is going to be great !!! Though i'm going to miss Angie terribly.. i'm happy Kathy has taken this on... Kathy has awesome customer service.. wonderful oils.. and now with snowtop scents.. i promise you... this is going to be heaven :)

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I use a 50/50 soy blend ... love Snowtop ... the following are ones that I tested and really love:

Peanut Butter Cookies

Orange Chiffon Cake

Key Lime Pie

Cranberry Orange Spice

Caramel Nut Cluster

Maple Sugar

(I'm sure there's more, but this is off the top of my head.)

Creamy Coconut Pie - cannot detect coconut, more like a butter cookie to my nose.

Blueberry Muffin - to me, I detect a vinegar smell.

I'm looking for a few to order from ICS too. I'd like to find a good strawberry. I hate to say it, but in my wax, ICS has been hit or miss for me. I do use their Pink Sugar and love it.

If anyone has any suggestions for ICS ... I'd really appreciate it!

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I haven't found a straight gingerbread that I like either. Some alternatives are Gingerbread Applesauce & Warm Orange Gingerbread (TN). Hansel & Gretel's House from Candlescience was a best seller for me during the holidays.

This year I'm going to test Honey Gingerbread from Backwoods.

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The Honeyed Gingerbread is my first tester for Fall. OOB I fell in love with it, also Pumpkin Cornbread from Backwoods. I'm hoping for a good gingerbread too. Candles & Supplies had a great "gingersnap cookies" that threw fantastic in my blend, but I don't use them anymore, I have boycotted them forever.

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Snowtop carried 100% soy wax, all her oils were tested in soy wax. I am sure they work in about all the waxes, except gel wax. Its just a matter of if you like the fragrance or not. My "MAIN" supplier is www.wholesalesuppliesplus.com their oils come in dark glass bottles, which carries a longer shelf life, and no leakage possibilities. Shipping isn't bad either.

Good Luck!!!


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Thanks Leisa ~ I'll check out that website. I do like the darker bottles too.

I haven't tried Backwoods Honey Gingerbread yet, but that is on my list. All Connie's other FO's I have are just awesome in 50/50. I know I'll like that one to. Funny, that we are already talking about holiday scents.:wink2:


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ICS's Cinnamon Buns [newer version] is my all time favorite CB in soy. The frosting and buttery notes come thru like no other.

Her new Danish is incredible too. Ironically, it reminds me of the one Snowtops had for a short period of time. I'm so glad it was brought back!

Apricot medley is a very nice scent, but can't come close to Farmhouse's French Apricot, IMO, if you're looking for a great apricot.

Snowtop's honey gardenia and key lime are great.

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