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Who has the best coconut and lilac


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Who in your opinion has a really good lilac and a good coconut for soy? I have tried several coconuts, and they all remind me of coppertone tanning oil. I guess i'm looking for more of a coconut macaroon scent than a tanning oil. It doesn't have to be straight coconut, it can be a blend as long as you can definately tell it has coconut in it.

I haven't tried any of the lilac's, I just had a customer ask for that yesterday. Since i'm trying to add a few more summer scents, thought i'd give it a try.



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I have JS and its okay their Lilac Honeysuckle is great though very sprinlike and pretty. MC has a good lilac. I would imagine Peaks would too I can't think of too many florals that are weak from them. Did you try NG their florals are pretty strong too!

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