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Universal Additive

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I ordered UV absorber from candlescience and they accidentally sent me a lb of Universal Additive (not the soy one). They told me to keep it..yeah (unfortunately, a new customer gave me a check on a free local delivery route I run and she didn't sign it and has since ignored me....hissss ((first time that's happened in 5 years.)))Has anyone tested this Universal additive with soy wax and it worked? If so, what soy wax? And, is this simply vybar?



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I have used it with C-3 soy when I was beginning because I kept getting a bad result with out. Now that I have gotten better with candle making I don't need it. However, when I used it for smother tops it worked ok. but, had many different results with the different size containers. I think it worked better with larger containers.

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