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Additivies, can someone confirm.......

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Now I've read loads of threads before asking the question this time ;)

Stearic-enhances appearances, i.e. rustic look, oppacity and hardness

Vybar - does the above, but also aids scent throw

Micro soft - when added to paraffin, is better for containers, helps the wax cling to the sides.

Is that all correct?

A question then, if vybar does what stearic does, and more, why does anyone bother with stearic?

Which one couldn't you live without?

I use straight paraffin at the mo, with no additives and fancy some testing :)

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In addition to the things it does in common with stearic, Vybar is a strong oil binder whereas stearic is not. It lets you use much more fragrance oil in the candle, but it doesn't enhance fragrance throw in and of itself.

Here's a list of what Vybar does:


You're right that Vybar can be used in place of stearic to accomplish certain things, such as increasing hardness and opacity and aiding mold release. It can do those things at lower cost and so can other additives like polyethylene for instance.

Stearic still has a lot of uses though. It can help improve the burn qualities of a candle, it can be used in mottled candles where Vybar would eliminate the effect, it can help achieve certain looks, etc.

Micro is just a special type of paraffin that can be used in blends or as an additive. In the UK you talk about micro hard and micro soft, but it really comes in countless forms with different melt points, hardnesses, colors, etc. and is used for everything under the sun.

Certain types of what you call micro soft can be used in containers and also to increase the plasticity of waxes for applications like cut-and-carve. Mid and higher melting micros can be used to adjust wax properties for molded candles.

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