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Anyone make silicone molds?


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I have ordered several wonderful molds online...and then got thinking maybe I could save some money and make my own..I bought some silicone online and tried to make a mold of some easter candy...the only problem is that the candy moved and floated to the top of the silicone..obviously its harder than I thought,..but I dont want to give up. Can anyone tell me how to go about making my own molds and where to buy the best silicone? The silicone I got was blue in color but the molds i have ordered were a light purple...just wondering..Im still going to use the site online to order molds because I love her quality...but would love to make some of my OWN for my own use on soap and candles...Hope someone can help me!:highfive:

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Has anyone tried this mold? I would really like opinions.


Scroll down to the Proform soap mold with rack.


I have one. Not thrilled. Too much extra material between the bars that needs to be trimmed away so a lot gets wasted. For MP I guess you could re-use it but I do CP and I DON'T mess with rebatching or confetti soap or whatnot. And then there's the cleaning... Let's just say the remnants from the last batch (6 weeks ago) are still on my mold which is in a paper bag in the garage.

On the other hand it makes LOVELY smooth bars of a delightful size.

I'd offer to sell you mine, but 1) someone else already asked and 2) then I'd have to clean it up LOL.

ETA: I really should clean it up and use it again - the bars are really quite nice.

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When I used to make them I used plumbers putty to keep my master in place.

Anyone know how to make silicone liners for soap molds?

You could try the silicone baking sheet liners, you could cut them down to fit your mold size. http://www.lnt.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2282542&cp=1331607.1331950.1891947&view=all&parentPage=family

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