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Soap making in the UK


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First time i've posted on the soap boards!

I'm hoping to branch out into making soap (melt and pour soap) and was wandering if anyone in the UK could tell me what's needed to be able to sell them?

I thought you needed very detailed info on the soap itself, but have seen a lot at craft shows / markets with no ingredient lists at all. Obviously i'll test my soap, but trying to get MDSD (or whatever it is) seems very expensive so i want to know all the facts first. So what do i legally need to sell soap in the UK?


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Hi Laura

To legally sell soap or any bath/body products in the UK requires that the soap meet al EU Health and Safety Regulations. And it's NOT the ingredients, it has to be the end product that is certified.

For example, if you buy a melt and pour base which is fully certified as safe, and you buy fragrance oil that is certified as safe, and then dye and other things like lavender seeds or marigold petals for example - all of these products may individually certified as safe under EU regulations - but the SECOND you combine these products, then they lose all certification and are illegal to sell.

No matter what you do, or what recipe you want to use - it is the END product that needs to be certified. So you can't create a bar of lavender soap - get it certified and then on the next batch decide to add a different colour - otherwise you'll need to get it certified all over again.

The legal requirements for labelling are simply that ALL ingredients need to be listed under their INCI name and there needs to be a use-by date, batch number and contact details. Those people selling at boot-fairs etc are doing so illegally and trading standards officers DO patrol such fairs - I was questioned myself recently but luckily I had all my paperwork but insurance documents on me at the time.

You can buy pre-certified base from www.meltandpoursupplies.com (or .co.uk - i can't remember) so all you need to do is melt, pour and the pre-fragranced, pre-coloured soap. That would be a good start and fully legal and you'd be able to see if soap sells for you without spending loads of money on the certification.


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Yeah, i was afraid you had to go to all that trouble, i understand why of course, but it's just sooo much extra trouble!!!

Those people at the fairs maybe didn't know all the rules and what not, but i'll look into that link, see how expensive that is and maybe go from there!!

The soap just always seems to sell so well at places - and it's so nice!!!!

Thanks for the help people

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