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Dumb Question time...

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I've searched here and other soaping forums and the 'net in general - but can't seem to find the answer.

What makes melt & pour soap - well melt & pour?

I've used M&P for over a year now, recently begun CP (tried HP, whatta mess!). What is the composition of the M&P that allows it to skin over and be allowed to melt & re-melt without problems? Anyone here make their own melt & pour soap?

I adore my M&P supplier and will always go back to her, but sheer curiousity is driving me to distraction!

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Someone tried making it using the ingredients listed in most M&P bases, and it doesn't become meltable. There may be something else in there that does it. The sorbital sugar solution is part of it.

There's a book by Catherine Failor "Making Transparent Soap" that's kind of the bible of clear soap. It's not remeltable, but it's possible to make transparent. It's very similar to making liquid soap - at the end you add alcohol and glycerin and sugar solution for transparency and clarity.

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