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Looking for long/narrow mold 4 x 16

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I'm assuming you want long flat rather than tall. I haven't found exactly that yet (even though it has to be out there somewhere and I'll keep looking), but at Waxhouse I found one that is 4x18 and with some modifications I'm sure you could get it to work. The url is; http://www.waxhouse.com/catalog/metal/metal.html and it should take you there.

Otherwise Bittercreek has 12x4 3 wick mold which is probably closer to what you're looking for. Go to www.bittercreek.com, click on molds, click on metal and it should be the top on the list.


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Sorry, I wasn't very clear on that. Yes, the candle box I have it about a 6" x 23" recatangle, so the mold I'm looking for would be for about a six wick candle, going horizontal, rather than verticle. Do they make pans that size that would work? I haven't seen any, but they could be out there.

Thanks for the response! :wink2:

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Do some research first because it would be cheaper....but if you really can't find what you are looking for you can have Pourette Mfg. make it for you. They make a pattern and charge you for it, but then you can re-order your own special mold again. I have had them make many many molds for me. Donita Louise

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