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Candlescience .99 sample sale


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If you are a soy user do not let the soy ratings fool you! They are extremely strict on testing their FO's so a 2 is still AWESOME in soy!

Apple Jack & Peel~I love this scent and so do all my customers! Great thrower!

Clean Cotton~Awesome scent throw. A very Clean scent.

Honeysuckle Jasmine~Great Floral Awesome scent throw

Lavender~Great lavender Great scent throw

Banana Nut Bread~The best BNB out there! I tested several and this one is the winner hands down! Awesome scent throw.

Cranberry Marmalade~Great Orange Spice type scent. Awesome scent throw. Great mixed with bayberry chunks!

Holly Berry~Great Holiday floral scent. Awesome scent throw.

Lavender Cucumber Sage~Very nice clean and refreshing scent.little heavier on the cucumber but still great. This is meant to be a lighter scent but still has a great scent throw!

Mistletoe~The best Mistletoe out there! Test several and this was the winner hands down. Awesome scent throw.

Mulberry~Great mulberry scent. Awesome scent throw!

Peach~All I can say is OMG! The best peach scent I have ever smelled! I have gotten several peach candles from other candle makers and none compare to this one! Some peach FO's smell like cat pee (at least that is what my hubby says) and he loves this one! Awesome scent throw!

Peppermint and Eucalyptus~Great sinus candle or aromatherapy type. Awesome scent throw!

Sweet Pea~ Great BBW dupe. I have tested a few and so far this one is the best. Awesome scent throw!

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i use mc's 125 (415) pure soy @ 1oz. pp.

rainwater, rainwater, rainwater- awesome, the strongest rain scent i've ever tried.

hansel & gretel's house- awesome, i just use at xmas.

strudel & spice- awesome, i wanted to drink it.

does anyone have any reviews for the lime cooler, hydrangea?

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Clean Cotton~Awesome scent throw. A very Clean scent
Peach~All I can say is OMG! The best peach scent I have ever smelled!

I did'nt like the clean cotton, but I agree 100% about the peach. I also like the apple and maple bourbon.

BTW, they do send FREE samples with orders:D

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Hello Everyone,

First of all thank you so much for your continued support of CandleScience. We read every post concerning our company and greatly appreciate all of your feedback.

We also take your opinions very seriously. So this morning when a number of members commented on our high shipping costs I called an emergency meeting. Although our shipping is very reasonable if your order includes a few slabs or case of wax, it is true that shipping a few 1 oz. FO bottles or a package of wick can be expensive. To solve the problem we decided to dig into our shopping cart code and add USPS as an additional shipping option.

As of 8 PM tonight any order with a total weight of 2 lbs. or less will qualify for flat rate Priority Mail shipping. Orders from 0 - 1 lbs. will cost $4.05, and 1 - 2 lb. orders will cost $5.15. Hopefully this will make it more reasonable to give us a try, and make it less frustrating if you accidentally forget something in your order.

If anyone has any questions about the new rate please feel free to contact me at 888-266-3916.

Thanks Again,

Michael Swimm


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I called Michael one day about a scent and talked his leg off (sorry Michael) :D He offers wonderful customer service and every scent I have received has been awesome! I definitely took advantage of this special since I was running low on a few scents anyway :smiley2:

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Thanks for the shipping help!!!!! Now as soon as I get those samples I'm going to order! But definatley please check out the flat rate priority boxes shipping up to 70 lbs. (whatever fits in the box) for $8.10......it would help alot. They have 2 sizes (configurations) of flat rate boxes. I realize that the boxes cost also.........but it could be an advantage.

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Wow, I am very impressed with a company that actually listens to customers needs and then does something about it. I am definitely going to check out this special going on as well.

Any recommendations anyone ??? Guess I will go do a search and see if I can find some threads on their FO. I'm gonna be so broke before I even get to the point of selling candles in quantity. Oh well, I can think of worse things to spend my money on that aren't as fun.

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