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I need some Computer Help NOW!


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I had some kind of weird, and distastrous computer glitch happen tonight. We've been having some problems with our MS Office Programs, so my husband tinkered around with the programs. When I when into my files, practically everything was gone.

Naturally, I'm panicking, but we're also incredibly confused. We've attempted some system restores, but they haven't been effective. The confusion is that the deletions are completely random. I have some folder, but most are missing. I have a file or two within those folders, but the rest are missing. It only touched parts of the hard drives, while leaving other parts completely alone. It's very random. As my husband put it, it's like the computer had a really bizarre hiccup. Unfortunately, my stuff got slammed.

Thankfully I'm a paper packrat, and I can probably recreate everything that is most crucial. But I'd rather find a way of restoring everything. I have some backup disks somewhere, but I've never been great about backing up regularly, and it's probably been at least two months, and with our files, that's a lot.

I obviously will be much more diligent from here on out, but if anyone has any kind of suggestions, we'll take them. We're lost, and devastated.

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I really can't help you too much but I had someone change some things in my computer and when I went back in files were missing. I was able to find them. What happens is when settings are changed some files are automatically changed and moved by this change. You will have to look all over by doing searches if you know the name of the files you are looking for. But I had to have someone come in and look for these files. I did not know the names of them but this computer geek found them in no time flat. I know the frustration of losing them. I lost my hard drive about a year ago and lost everything from not having a back up for anything. Everything was stored on my computer. No paper copies either. I lost all my work, recipes, research and labels. You name it.. all gone now I back up everything weekly. I sure hope it is not a bad spot on your hard drive. My best suggestion is call someone who can retrive the files.

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Okay here goes. If the files are hidden or to see if they are go to Control Panel, Folder Options. Select the View tab at the top. Go to the hidden files folder and make sure it says show hidden files and folders.



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You may have a trojan virus. There is one out there that will slowly delete files randomly. I don't know the name of it but make sure your virus program is updated and do a scan.

If the files are still on your computer you can do a search by clicking on the start button and then search. Where it asks you what files to look for type in *.doc for a word document and *.xls for excel. This will search for all the files with this extension. If your files do not show up I hate to say this but you probably lost them.

There are programs out there that will restore undelete files. Go to a computer store and ask them for a restore program. Your files are still on the drive but they are erased as far as your computer knows. DO NOT save anything or download a program to install to your computer otherwise you may overwrite over them. You need to run the restore program from your CD Rom or disk. I think Nortons has a program that can bring back your files.

hth, Chris

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