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Well now...

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It seems that someone sent the soap fairy BACK to my house. Isn't it someone else's turn?

Solas Jean Paul Whatever... soaped great, but I forgot to put my mold together and by the time I did, it was unswirlable so... the aqua and silver swirl became a sparkly green instead. Smells great though.


Solas's Very Sexy for Him. I just couldn't seem to get my ITP swirl action going tonight with the textured top. I'm sure the inside looks like a train wreck but it smells incredible.


Yup, you guessed it, it's Solas day at Grumpy's house.

Solas's Safari. This is what I wanted for the solas swap soap, but ended up with something entirely different and very ugly. Two color mica swirlie. I was pretty pleased with this one.


You guys KNOW how much I love my SW lovely by SJP... well, someone went into my cabinet and replaced my FO that never accelerated with one that does. I almost had soap on a stick, and it's ugly as sin from trying to cram it into the mold, but it still smells incredible.


I need to make more acid trip, but there is no way in hell I'm going near it today. Maybe the fairy will leave in the middle of the night.:D

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If that is what soap fairies do... I cant wait to find one for me!!

I love that black and blue one, think it is the second one down.

Note to self: Order supplies to make soap and tell them I want soap fairies!:D

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Yeah Grumpy. That soap looks horrible. I can't believe everyone is telling you it is so good. The colors and everything... just terrible.

So please, just send me that crappy looking soap, so you do not have to look at it anymore. You shouldn't have to deal with it, and I can dispose it of it properly.

Dork. :P

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Grumpy - you are such a lying wench!!! lol You said you do make ugly soaps. Yeah right! I've yet to see one of your soaps that is ugly. So where are these so called ugly soaps of your?????? I don't think they exist.

Damn you have the nicest looking soaps.

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