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Sugar & Salt Scrub Question??


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First off, is this for your own use or are you looking to make something to sell?

If it is to sell I would think that using a shower gel type base or the castile soap base would not be cost effective at all. I could be wrong, lol...that's just my initial thought. Seems like it would use too much to bind the dry ingredients together. But if it was me and if I was really curious, I would just find a small jar or clean out an old scrub jar and make a single jar of it and try it. A soapy lathering sugar scrub might be great, but again I think it all matters on if you can avoid a large handful of soap/gel with each application and still get enough 'scrub' ingredients out. I dip into my scrub about 4 times and I can't imagine using that much shower gel- but that could just be my preference.:confused:

Do you not want to use an oil base? Or are you looking to make something out of what you have on hand, and don't have an oil?

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I do have an oil i use safflower oil with vitamin e which is pretty good. I was just wondering about the liquid castille soap and it's just sitting collecting dust, the children and my husband won't use it unless i push the issue. So i have 3 bottles of liquid castille soap just sitting in the kitchen doing nothing. LOL:D And I do need a sugar scrub because the winter is so harsh on my skin poor little legs just scaley:o

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I say pour a bunch of sugar into a bunch of castille base and take it to the shower. I'd pour in the sugar until it is just the consistancy that you like. Make sure you measure so you can duplicate it if you like it.

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I did make myself a small jar of sugar scrub

i used

1 tbls liquid castille soap

1 tbls safflower oil

1 tbls vanilla FO

1 tbls raw honey

1/4 cup sugar

1/3 cup of hawaiin brown sugar

it turned out pretty nice feels very nice and took the scalies off my legs thank you ladies so very much!:cheesy2:

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