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Cajun Candle's Color Guide has really helped me!

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great links! thanks for sharing!!:grin2:

You're welcome. I am not experienced at the color mixing and was freaking out because I had to do a Creme Brulee. I read somewhere, here, that some didn't add color to the scent at all and it came out white! I could have died! My daughter didn't even want to put it on her shelves. lol! Call it Biscotti and sell it, girl before I beat you! lol!

Try again.....

Sooooo, I put four drops of yellow dye and two drops of brown. Turned out great!!!!! It's more a caramel color or perhaps a gold. Love it! I kinda wanted it to look like my avatar, but this caramel is going to work. Going to top that with dark brown. Punched holes along the sides of the jars with a skewer to get the effect of the topping dripping over the sides. Still waiting for that to set.

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I am fortunate to live about 1 hour and 45 minutes away from Cajun Candle Factory. I find that the people in the shop are very helpful. When it comes to mixing colors my partners and I use the "Justin Wilson way" of mixing. Some of the creations are very interesting.

What is the Justin Wilson Way? How excellent to live so close. You must have lots of competition.

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The Justin Wilson way is a "dab of this, a pinch of that and a drop of this and a little extra to make it better." I do have a lot of competition. I have researched my competitors very carefully, even brought some of their products to test, looked at their web site, and of course the best way "word of the Cajun Mouth." My partners and I are trying to do most of the legal work our selves. One choice was to use frosted glass. I can use help.

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