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Stick blender advice


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I have a stupid question that I probably already know the answer to but I will ask anyway.........My lotion supplies came today!!! YIPPEEE Anyway I have to make some lip balm and soap first but than I am going to try this lotion thing!However I forgot to buy a stick blender when I was at Walmart the other day. So I have a stick blender that I used to make soap with can I use that one? I havent used it with soap since over a year ago. Can I wash that one up strealize it and use it? Or is this not a good idea?

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Hi Traceyy... I think washing the stick blender is fine. I make my lotion in my stand mixer and I wash everything in soapy water with clorox in it. I haven't tried making lotion with a stick blender because my recipe calls for a lot of constant mixing and I think my stick blender would blow up, wear out, or my arm would fall off!:grin2:

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