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Fragrance Oil Heaven OOB Reviews


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I got my oils in..

Lets just say, I am impressed with OOB- will be playing with them all this week

Madagscar Vanilla Orchid- OH MY- I am heaven. Smells just like a fo that I have been looking for that I used . Thank god I found it. Just a different name . WHEW!

Indonesian Teak- Better than the other one I used to use just from smelling it.

Sensuous Black Rose- Just like a rose. I am not fond of florals- but this will be nice for my customers who like it.

Lime and Cilantro- Very nice- I can smell the lime more which is good for me.

Apple Cobbler Delight- Wow, this one smells great. I think my apple customers are going to love this.

Bedtime Bath- To me, it's just like the name.. I like this.

Crystal Sunshine- Definetly smell the grapefruit- but this is nice

White Chocolate Karibu- nice , rich and sweet

Bamboo Sugar Cane- I am definetly not liking this one OOB, but I have seen great reviews so I will pour it before making my final judgement

Eucalyptus Spearmint- Definetely don't smell the spearmint but will put this in wax before deciding if I like it or not.

Spiced Cranberry Punch- really like this one. I love the spice it has in this.

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I just ordered Bamboo Sugar Cane, Lime and Cilantro, Madagascar Vanilla Orchid (it sounded intriguing) and then whatever pine scent they had... so please let me know how they do for you! I'm going crazy looking for a lime cilantro with any noticeable amount of cilantro in it.

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I got mine in also. I've been using the Apple Cobbler and it is so yummy! One of my favorites! I also got Peanut butter brownie and it smells great OOB. I want to go make some now. I also got Coco Beach Baby and Raspberry Guava. You will love the Bamboo Sugar Cane. Very clean fresh scent.

Now, she's having another pre-buy with some new oils.

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Yes, I saw the new prebuy and thought. OMG, she is gonna kill me with the sales. LOL

I have to pass on this upcoming prebuy but I love her oils! She is also a great person to work with and I am so glad she is in the middle of helping a few of us with a search of a scent. She goes out of her way to help her customers and I like that about her.


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Yes, she is very much on top of business. Very prompt and efficient! I get everything so quickly also! I'm burning Waterfall Cascade and Downpour type right now and they are about to blow me out of the house. I have some kind of sinus infection going on right now and I have to blow the candles out after about an hour or two because they are that strong! My neighbor came over and smelled them from outside. They are great unisex type scents. The waterfall cascade reminds me of a man's cologne. I do have to let these babies cure for a while in C-3. But, wow, her oils are awesome! I'm eyeing up the sensual amber type.


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I love Kimmy and her oils. I just ordered her prebuys, too! I was over the moon when I saw she was bringing back a couple of the old favorites :D

Apple Cobbler delight is excellent, a great bakery scent

Bamboo sugar cane is different than I expected, but a great spa type scent

Indonesian Teak---it is AWESOME in wax. You will love it!

I agree about Euc. Spearmint, but my customers loved it. It seems the spearmint is in the background on this one, I wish a little more prominent.

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