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Need help

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I using scents but they are not that strong in the candle. When I use more scent the outside of the candle is grease. Can you help me. Is there a differents in scents.


Hello Newsoaper

First we need to know what type of wax, wick and scent you are using so we can get going on this problem of yours. :)

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Not only is there a difference in scents, there is a difference in waxes and wicks. Additives can factor in, such as how much dye you're using. Lots of factors.

Then you also need to be sure you're following the mfr's directions for heating the wax and temps at which to add fo, percent of fo (fragrance load) the wax can handle, etc.

As the previous poster mentioned, we'd need a lot more details on what you're using/doing to help you troubleshoot. :) Glad to help if we can!

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