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NG sales?


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No. If you order 5 lbs of stuff then you get $1 off each bottle. That's about the best it gets in terms of sales.

Also, if you order 10 of the 1oz sizes of oil, you will get $5 off making it a sampler deal. So $20 for 10 of the 1oz size bottles. I just ordered some today, that's the reason I know lol. They have some I havent tried before so I found 10 things I hadn't tried to get the savings. I do like their oils a lot.

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Just received this in my e-mail:

Current Specials:

Since we will be moving in the next 8 months to our new facility, we

will put several items on clearance. Watch for these clearance items...

they may change daily.

To order, go to our weekly offers page or click here :


They have a 10 New Fragrance Oils Sampler for $18.00.

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NG also has the thing where for every $100 you spend you get $1 in credit and can allow your $$ to build up, redeem at anytime... takes an awful lot to get a substantial amount to redeem though! :undecided


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