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Rustic Pillars

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I love the rustic layered looking pillars and am hoping that someone will take pity on me and help in my attempt to make one. I think I understand the basic concept on how they are made, but can you please tell me if I'm at least on the right track. 1) Pick you colors and scents then mix them separately.2) Pour first layer at a very low temp, just above melting point of wax. 3) Let layer cool, but not completely dry and pulling away for sides of the mold. But here is where I get a little confused -Do you pour your next layer at the same temp or a couple degrees higher? -Do you make enough of a batch of each to fill the mold ahead of time or do you make a new batch for each layer? -If you make enough the first time, then how do you avoid burning off the scent each time you reheat to pour the next layer? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Do you pour your next layer at the same temp or a couple degrees higher?

I've actually been told both. Several times. Way to confuse the newbies, guys! :grin2:

I've only made a couple of layered candles so far, and I premixed each color/fragrance combo and reheated to add new layers- it seemed like it would be way too much work to try to remix from scratch for every layer, especially since I was only working with a total of 1 lb of wax. I was actually also wondering if that would burn off any significant amount of fragrance. Hope someone experienced chimes in and helps!

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