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tallow ?


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I just got buffalo and deer tallow. I have never made soap with tallow at all, Is there anything I need to know about them before I try it out? Does tallow cause any problems? I know it makes a hard bar and is very moisutrizing from what I have read. I have read to use the sap value of beef tallow for them but some where else said to use lard or reg. tallow. Anyone know what is right? Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Due to a huge request I had I started working with buffalo tallow about 6 weeks ago. I even learned how to render it myself...LOL I really really like all the test batches I made with it. After tons of research (and there is not a whole lot out there) I came up with using Beef Tallow for the SAP value. I hear deer tallow makes a very nice soap also.....will be trying that next year during deer season! Good Luck!

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I love tallow in soap. I didn't find that it caused any problems. You could probably use any of these SAP values and be just fine.

chicken fat .139

goose .137

lard .141

beef .143

deer .138

sheep .138

They're all pretty similar. Interesting how beef and lard are a bit higher than the "wilder" game & birds.

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