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the candlesources new oils


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Has anyone poured the new Candlesource oils?

I just got them in the mail today and the oatmeal milk and honey smells wonderful!

Just wanted to see what kind of results you all are getting with these new ones.

The only one that smells "funky" oob is the tropical islands... but the rest seem lovely!:smiley2:

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The Tropical Islands i absolutely detested and threw the wax and oil straight in the rubbish bin.

White tea & ginger....lovely calming smell, great cold throw.

Be Delicious.....gorgeous, great cold throw

Orange Canteloupe......lovely, great cold throw

Am letting these sit for a week or so before i test hot throw.

Still to mix Spearmint, stargazer lilly and leather..........these are my latest from The candle source HTH:cheesy2:

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Thank you for the replies!

I am worried that tropical islands may go into the garbage as well. :sad2: Something doesn't smell right about the oil... but I will put it into wax to be sure.

I think I will make some tarts today! :whoohoo:

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I just got mine the other day,very fast shipping! (I'm in Canada so I just love that guy Loren!!)

I haven't tested these yet in soy but these are my opinion OOB

White Tea & Ginger- very gingery and strong, I like it

Stargazer Lily-I really like this, romantic

Night Blooming Jasmine-strong florals,perfect for spring

Oatmeal,Milk & Honey- very nice!

Be Delicious-absolutely DEAD ON (my mom has the perfume so I know!)

Frosted Cupcake-just want to drink it,lol!

Pears & Petals-very light and feminine, perfect for spring

I have the utmost confidence that they will throw very well in soy as pretty much all of Loren's oils do throw well for me. Can't wait to try testing!


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