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Almond Armaretto Latte

Mostly Lurkin

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This is my most requested soap when it was a M&P base, this is my 1st attempt at it in a CP. I'm thrilled with the result.

It's a mango butter base, the coffee grounds are freshly ground hazelnut coffeebeans infused with SAO, I added about 2.5 ounces of coffeebutter at trace. The white marbling (the swirl didn't quite take) is the base without the additives. Of course if I wanted a white soap it wouldn't have look this way, lol. It's scented with a blend of Almond, Armaretto, Chocolate from Wellington Fragrance and about 1/2 tsp of coffee EO.

Makes my house smell like a Starbucks for the day! Thanks for looking! Sorry about the quality, I'm no photographer!


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