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Pictures..I am interested in seeing pics of yalls (yall is a word btw..lol..at least in oklahoma) craft shows. My husband and I decided to goto a small craft show in march..Im already shaking. I have some really great MP soaps that all the teachers I work with fight over. So, Im ready to see if they will sell in the real world. But, i have no idea how to set up a "Booth"...I would love all the advice your little heart wants to share with me! AND PICTURES..lol..And, in return...I will post pics of my first and hopefully not last craft show!!:)

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Just thought i'd pop in and say that if you haven't found it yet, there is a section here for Business discussion and that is where you will find lots of pictures of people's booths. You can search WITH IN that board and find relative posts. There are two search features here, one is general and searches all areas, the other searches with in the realm of whatever board area you are in. If it's pics you are mostly interested in, remember to look for the little paper clip that denotes that that post has pics inside of it.

HTH (hope this helps) :grin2:

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