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Daystar's Blueberry Hazelnut Crisp


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OMG!!! I love this one, it is so unique. Do you think she would consider keeping it? I also love Apple Pan Dowdy, there is a note in that scent that is very different from the run of the mill apple pie scents, I am totally bummed she is discontinuing these two-----I just love her oils!!!

Maybe mixing hazelnut and Heartfelts Blueberry Cobbler would work? That is a great blueberry scent IMO. Has the extra bakery note many are lacking.

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She said if there is enough response, she may be able to bring both back as a special purchase. I haven't tried either, but I'll bet they are great. And I know how it is to lose a favorite scent. How does the Apple Pan Dowdy compare to FOH's Apple Cobbler Delight? Cuz that one is so good you want to drink it!

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