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Can someone tell me if there is a difference in these EO's. Yesterday, an herbalist (local) offered to sell me 6 oz of Peppermint, 4oz Tea Tree and 4 oz Rosemary for a total of 91.00. Her claim is that her EO's are 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade. I've never purchased EO's but was checking the prices at camdengrey.com and I can purchase all of those oils for half the price with shipping. Is her claim of 100% pure therapeutic grade a different EO than Camdengrey offers or any other supplier that we all normally use on here for FO's? Any help appreciated.

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There can be different qualities of EOs. How they are distilled can affect the components of the EO. Here's a nice article from Mountain Rose Herb


I don't know if I buy in to all of that, since MRH is selling therapeutic oils, but if your herbalists' EOs truly are therapeutic and/or organic, that might be a reasonable price.

But do you really need that quality? I've never felt that b&b products really need that high of a quality of essential oil, but it would depend on how you are using them and if you can market them to justify the higher price. There can be a market for b&b with organic ingredients.

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Thanks for the response and the link. You cleared up most of my confusion and already answered my next question which was going to ask if this grade was really necessary for soap, body butters, scrubs, etc. at the level I'm promoting. At this time, I don't think it is. Thanks Again.

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