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ECOSoya PB Pillar wick test

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Here be some pics from an ECOSoya PB wick test I did. Pics are basically spaced 30 minutes apart. Unscented, uncolored.








This last pic is at 3.5 hours. I put out the one candle at the 3 hour mark.









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Thank you for the test burn pics..i am about to attempt Ecosoya PB & was wondering about wicks..I looked at Candlescience.com site with their wick guide..they say LX 24 for 3 diameter molds. SO your right on with them too. I ordered their wicks sampler of LX series. I have never used that series before & was wondering about it. This makes me feel alot better about them. Although, I like the ECO series burn too..very nice.


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I've been testing the LX 24 in my 3x3 pillars made with my own soy /para blend.

The first 3 burns went fine at around 3 hrs each but the 4th burn was longer at around 4 hours & it ended up with a blow out in the side.

I've melted it down & replaced the wick with an LX 22 to see how that goes.

I tried straight ecosya pb with eco wicks but always had blow outs on longer burns which is why I'm experimenting with my soy/para blend for more stability.....I hope.


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