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This was my first winter season making candles. I use J50 and 8oz straight sided jars (salsa jar type) I fought the cold temp and horrible wet spots all thru the cold spell. Now its warming up and I'm back to pouring in my candle room. NOW...I'm getting those sink holes in some of the candles. The wet spots are much better tho. When they start to set up I can see the sink holes starting, so I poke a hole or two in them and zap them with the heat gun, am I doing right? What causes them, I'm heating jars with a heat gun b4 I pour, and pouring at 160 or so. What I really want to know is, if I poke the holes and zap them, does that take care of the problem? After I do that the tops look good. Thanks much!

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I doubt those sink holes go very deep, so you're probably taking care of them OK with the heat gun. It's very time consuming though. I'd try to avoid them in the first place if possible.

The jj's arent the best shape for one-pour results but you can try optimizing the process and see how well you can do. The heat gun warms the jars pretty superficially, so try putting them in the oven for a while. They should feel very warm or hot but not burning hot. If you have trouble touching or holding them it's probably too much and you could get bubbles from the FO.

Pour about 175 and put the jars in an insulated box, or maybe in the warm oven if it closes tight.

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