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? for anyone that uses H&R plus Schedule C


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If you went there last year, they usually have it in the computer already.

All u need is last year info, what ya made and stuff the regular stuff. lol



ps. Mom works and supervises H R Block. :D

No I didn't go there last year. I just started my business in August timeframe and I had moved back here in February. I didn't sell anything last year so all I have is inventory. So do I take my inventory list with me? Then what else business wise do I take? TIA

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For a Sch. C, you should give your tax preparer (and I wouldnt recommend the "Green Block" - they charge entirely too much) some of the information as follows:

Total Income




Insurance (such as liability)

Professional Fees (legal and accounting)

Supplies (in QuickBooks - I break mine out as Candle Supplies, Soap Supplies, Office Supplies, General Supplies, etc.)

Postage & Delivery

Cell Phone (% of business use)

Travel expenses (meals, lodging, etc.)

Contract Labor (if you hired outside help)

Taxes and Licenses

Dues & Subscriptions

Repairs & Maintenance

Assets purchased: Equipment, Computer, etc.

(Hope this helps - you might have more - just doing this off the top of my head!)


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I have used Block in the past but I just finished taking the tax course through them for my own personal business and I am working pt for them now. Talk to someone at H&R, explain to them your situation and they can tell you what all you need. You don't want to be using forms that you do not need b/c that is a charge for every form you use. You did not make any wages so that will not be against you as for as earned income is concern. As a matter of fact we just did a schedule c class last night. zeverything that Karen mentioned take it with you, but you can call and ask questions.

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