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Speaking of mailing list


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I collected a list of email addresses of the people who wrote me in the past to ask infos or to order something. But they never subscribed to my ML.

Today I prepared my first ML with the news I have to tell.

My question is: do you think it would be unethic to send it to people that didn't subscribe?

I usually get upset when I receive newsletters I didn't sign up for, so my thought is to ignore them and send it only to real subscribers.. but in the other hand I would like to let everyone know what's going on with my business!

So to send or not send.. this is the question!

What do you usually do?


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I believe it not so much unethical as seeming forceful or rude. If they didn't subscribe, there's probably a reason.

Not to mention, it's more than likely a waste of time, because it will go to their spam boxes.

You might try beforehand to compile a VERY SHORT email to those who didn't sign up, and explain this is the only mail they will get as a gentle reminder, that you will have your first ML coming out and give a link to subscribe. Make it short, sweet and to the point.

This way, they will know if they want to sign up, and if not, it's not a ton of reading. Additionally, I'm not sure if your service you use saves emails, but you could quite possibly end up having to hand remove, if it saves the addys in the ML.

HTH :)

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mary you're right, and I know it.

If they don't sign up it's because they don't want! Clear and simple!

Your is a good idea, I could add that if they say no they will never hear from me again.

After all, as I said, I get mad when my inbox is full of unattended newsletters!

I guess when we are on the other side (the seller) we want to.. sell!

Thanks for your opinion!

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Was your newsletter signup feature already available when those people wrote to you in the past to ask a question or order something? If so, could they have overlooked it? Or maybe they're afraid they'll get too many emails? Some places I signed up with send weekly emails, plus if they have a special announcment there might be an extra one that week. If you want to be more aggressive about it, you could email all those people saying a newsletter is now available, that it won't come too often, and that this is how to go about signing up.

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I actually don't mind when a company I've ordered from sends me newsletters I didn't sign up for. They usually come with a way to unsubscribe if I want to, but I usually keep them so I don't forget about the companies I ordered from... especially if I like their stuff. I order online so often that I tend to forget who I ordered what from. Especially when it comes to supplies I'm trying out. I've also sent newsletters to customers that have ordered in the past. I just started doing newsletters this year so it wasn't available to people who have ordered in the past. I always put a link at the bottom so they can unsubscribe. I only send the newsletters out once a month and no one has unsubscribed yet.:)

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Sudnswick and Budgie, thanks for the input. For some of them the newsletter wasn't available at the time they contacted me.

My newsletter would be monthly, and I have to make a big effort to try to say something new every month lol, that's because this is not my main business and basically because I go slower than what I'd like, ordering in your country requires a good plan and a lot of patience.

I'm late to order spring scents!!!! Just for example.

I think I will give it a try, I will send the newsletter to everyone in my list, and since I provide a link to unsubscribe they are free to do what they want.

After all, no one is dead yet because of an unwanted email... I hope!!!!! J/K, I just don't want to bother anyone.


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