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CT benefit swap soap cut


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I tried to change the title in my first post but it wouldn't so I am reposting this. This is my tester batch for the Peaks 2 Bi-Annual benefit.

Here it is cut. I scented it with Peak's Coconut. I held back 1/2 my liquid - 8 oz and added to that 1 TBS of each: goats milk power, coconut powder and buttermilk powder. Anticipating that the soap will darken, I tried again for a blind swirl. I can see some difference in the color of the soap from the scented to the unscented portions coming out a bit.


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VERY pretty! And it's goat flakes huh?? Now I'm really embarrassed about saying I have access to goats milk!:embarasse *lol* Oh well, at least I didn't TRY to get the milk!! *lol*

In this particular batch I used goat milk powder. Like regular powdered milk but from a goat. I don't usually soap with powdered milks but use liquid. My absolute favorite is fresh from the goat milk (raw). If you have access to any gm, give it a try soaping. But if you have access to raw, by all means you must soap it. Raw has all that wonderful, delicious fats still left in the milk that our soaps and skin just love.

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This hopefully isn't the soap for the swap since I am wanting to make a soap with raw GM. Thanks for all the compliments. I couldn't wait and took a sliver of this soap in the shower yesterday morning. It lathers like a mofo and the lather is very silky and smooth feeling. The soap isn't drying at all and its only been 2 days since I made it. I am so surprised at how nice it is and yet I made it with powders. I guess what I am saying is that I am impressed with myself. :laugh2::naughty:

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