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Praise for some GREAT SUPPLIERS!!!!


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I would like to thank FOH, ICS and Daystar for having such great products and such great CUSTOMER SERVICE!

I just received FOH Iced Carrot Cake....OMG! I have this in wax waiting to pour and it is awesome! My hubby passed by and said "What is that smell, it is making me hungry!" Great FO! Can't wait to burn this one.

Also received ICS Cinnamon Buns(New Version). I have tried this one before and loved it but still tested others. This one is the BEST! FOH Cinna-bons is a very very close 2nd. You can not go wrong with either one!

I am waiting on Daystar's Cake Batter, Buttercream Icing and Carrot Cake. I can't wait to sniff the Cake Batter!

THANKS AGAIN!th_worship.gif


And of course my all time favorite supplier CANDLESCIENCE! You guys are the BEST! But I am always bragging on you.

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I LOVE FOH and Daystar. They are so wonderful with very unique oils. Have you tried the new ones from Daystar? I am curious about that bit o honey scent. Sounds good. I just ordered her Apple Pan Dowdy on her sale, it is my favorite apple scent, I can't believe it is being discontinued :(

I am really excited to see Kimmy brought back some of my old favorites, too. Her Raspberry Guava is a must try, and I also like Peanutbutter Brownie Pie! The chocolate dipped stawberries is the best scent, OMG. I too, love her carrot cake, it is the best ever. Read about it on this board, and ordered during the holidays. It is so yummy. I am going to blow my diet talking about all these food scents!

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I just got my order yesterday from FOH. I'm close I think to owning all of Kimmy's oils. Her Apple Cobbler is my absolute fav. with Indo Teak and Bamboo Sugar Cane close behind. They are all great and her customer service is great!

I received Daystar's new oils a week ago and they are great also. You can't say enough about Stacy and her oils. All of them are awesome!


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Just got my FOH oils today and they are all fabulous! Love Madagascar Vanilla Orchid, Apple Cobbler Delight, Bamboo Sugar Cane, French Crumb Cake, Gingerbread Village, Iced Carrot Cake & Raisin Bread Buttercream. She even threw in a 1 oz sample of that grapefruit one- Crystal Sunshine. Now that's customer service! :) Can't wait to put them into something.

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