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Who can make a template for oscommerce/xtcommerce for me?


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I've got a shop from xt-commerce (which is a further development of oscommerce), I have the graphics but the guy who wanted to do the fitting template for me shows no sign of living:angry2:

Now I wanted to ask if any of you can handle this for me?? Maybe Becky??

Second question: can I have in a DIY-shop Euro as currency?? Or is only Dollar possible?

Thanks for your help!!

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I personally don't know anyone that does this but if you can't find anyone here you can do a search on google for oscommerce templates and you will come up with a ton of places that do. Also you might want to check their message boards, as I am sure there are many there that do them as well.

On your other question regarding DIY shop and Euro currency. Not sure who you are referring to when you say DIY-Shop? But with DIYeStores, here is what we support.

Multiple Currencies Options - The shopping cart supports the following currencies:

English - United States

English - United Kingdom

English - Canadian

English - Australia

English - New Zealand

Good luck to you! :)

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Inez, thanks for the labels, just tell me how much I owe you!

I found many OsCommerce site with templates, they are not always free, but maybe it's a way to get in touch with a designer.

Or... I have to have a look at how the templates are made... I don't know much about them, but if I think I can do this for you I will help you.

ETA: did you take a look to zen Cart? its another version of OsCommerce, I find it simpler, and they have more free templates. Just a thought.

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