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Oily Soap?? WHY???


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:confused: DH recently purchased some glycerin soap from a local wholesaler here in Maryland, I did my normal melt and pour added 1tsp of shea butter oil and 1tsp of FO and the soap feels so greasy to me now. Wondering how can I add the oils without it feeling so greasy or oily. I have no idea where his supplier is and there was no name on the container.
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May be it is the fo but I have never had that happen. What fo was it?

The name of the FO was Love Of Allah a scent my DH loves so i made the soap using the oil only a teaspoon of it and the whole batch is oily to the touch as well as only using 1 teaspoon of shea butter oil. Then I made another batch using the same amount of cotton candy FO and no oiliness. So i guess i'll just use that particular oil for him only.

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