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2nd CT Soap benefit swap (Peaks)


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I am in a playing mood today so I decided to try to soap Peak's Coconut in a gm soap to see how it does. It might be my practice batch of the swap and fundraiser. I want to make a gm soap for that with raw gm. But this time I took 1/2 off my water and added some gm powder, coconut milk powder and buttermilk power and added that liquid at trace. Since I am anticipating the Coconut FO to darken on me, I didn't attempt any color and instead tried a blind swirl. Here it is just finished and in the mold. Hopefully it won't gel on me. I am anxious to see if my blind swirls will be able to eventually be seen. Yes my mold is a little fuller than I wanted.



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I am already starting to see the difference with my blind swirl. I can't really smell it so far and I did use 1 oz ppo since my luck with coconuts being strong and sticking hasn't been good. Fingers still crossed.

MA and CB - I will be more than willing to send you ladies a GM soap. Especially if its from raw gm - its such a treat and one I think you gals would enjoy. I am also keeping my fingers crossed still for a good milking season so that there is enough of the yummy stuff for soap. I don't see why those damn baby goats should get it first. I mean we are talking about soap here. :waiting:And if canned milk was good enough for my kids when they were babies, those baby goats should survive on it too. LOL (j/k of course)

This current one I made with powders. I am just wanting to see the difference with all these different powders.

Carrie, I hope this scent is strong. I've soaped coconut before and haven't found one that is strong and holds. It could be my nose too. I'll keep you posted on this one and how it does.

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Count me in among those waiting impatiently for this to progress.:whistle:

I've never tried real goat's milk soap, only M&P, and didn't notice any difference with that (although I wasn't really expecting to). I'm just not brave enough to try making it yet, as I've heard horror stories. LOL

It sures looks good and creamy!


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