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Cream Soap Questions


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This is something that I'd like to try and I'm collecting info on it. I had a very sweet individual give me some links on making it and none mentioned preservatives. I searched here and read a thread saying a preservative should be used.

I'm not real good w/ and try to stay away from any product that has water as an ingredient as that can grow stuff - and I can't control it easily. I tried emulsified butters and it seperated and grew white stuff on it. I don't want to attempt cream soap if the same can happen. After reading the instructions I sounded just like CP except the end product is creamy, which I assumed was from the KOH & NAOH and the method was a little different. What I mean w/out really knowing what I'm talking about is how will this grow anything, CP doesn't and they both have water as an ingredient ?

I'm wondering how many people that make cream soap use a preservative?? What preservative (as the instructions I have doesn't mention this) and how much of it per pound ?

Also this is creamy- turns stiff- then creamy again. When I whip it for a 2nd time can I over due it?

How long do people wait to whip it- If I wait til its cured (10 days) to whip it can I ruin it- is there a window of time to doing this?

Can I make a master batch and as I sell it add the FO??

If I can add it later- do I whip the FO in or just stir it in?

TIA :)

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The water in CP evaporates.

Cream soap has quite a bit of water and should be preserved.

The texture will change several times with age, let it "rot" for a month before adding extra water.

I have some cream soap that behave strangely, when cold it is thin, at 70 degrees it thickens

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