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OT Bonsai and others


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1. This is Bonsai from OT. Super strong scent that can be used at .5ppo at no problem. Scent holds and doesn't morph. No A&D.

2. Guava from AGE. I wish I would had more of the orange come through but I still like it. I don't care for this scent at all but DH loves it. No problems soaping this one either.

3. White Lilac from SW - like most florals, this one moved a bit quick. My color turned out more pinky than I was going for. But that's what you get when you start dinking with your colors.




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What great looking soaps. I love the size you have them. Do you mind me asking what kind of mold you use? The stamp looks great too!

I use my 9 bar Kelsie mold with a recipe using 3.5 lbs of oils and butters and usually 16 oz of water. I am actually able to get 18 bars and 9 sample bars out of it this way. I can cut each bar in half and get a bar that is 3x2x1/4 (almost 1/4 - just a little shy) and is about 3 oz (usually a little more than 3 oz). I cut the tops off and use these for samples. I got the stamp some time ago from BB, used it a few times, got frustrated and forgot about until now.

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