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anyone have experience with RA and SOS dupes? rop


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I purchased a dupe of Design from SOS as a request from a friend who loved the perfume. I made her a room spray from it and she loved it, and will be ordering more when it's gone. I personally have not smelled the actual Design fragrance to tell you how identicle it was or not, but I can tell you that the two SOS fragrances I have in my samplers (which is all I have so far is samplers, lol) are very high quaity. It's hard to explain but suffice it to say they are 'heady' rather than chemical-ish and soapish. They have depth and strength. The Design was also the normal concentration as opposed to the stronger or weaker? concentrations that they offer. So it was really potent in their normal formula. I've been very pleased with what I have so far.

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