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Wax options

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There are sooooo many wax option I get all confuzzled!!!! I just plan on making container candles and we wondering what everyone uses....the only thing I have found that I really like is from Peak...it has a great melting pool...but its also only 1 of 2 types of wax I have used. The other was from Bitter Creek. Am I selling myself short or is there a better wax out there???:confused:

Thankx oodles in advance*getdown*

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Hey neighbor! We are right up the road from each other :cheesy2:

For me, I would buy as small an amount of a wax I could get and try it. I have tried a few different soy types and now have some 4630 on the way to try because I want to see what else is out there. I think most people just try try try until they finally find that one kind that they truly love to work with. I like ordering from Peaks because it's so much closer than other places, but I usually order FO and other supplies. But, you have come to the right place to get your answers. :cool2:

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