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Question bout Shea Butter

Raggedy Dani

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I wanted to know if you can tell me, what finished shea butter should be like.

I just wanted to double check, cause ones I make are great!! not to greasy and all. Smells fabulous!

Now as i pack it in the container. What should it be like?

Mine's like i wanna say noxema face wash type cream, Know what I mean?

When i take a little bit out and put it on, it melts on and all, so it's good.

Just wanted to know if i'm on the right page here...for i have never had this product before but my own...lol I just need to be sure of this.



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No Kitchenaid...just "grandmas" old hand held mixer. It was nice and fluffy when I stopped beating but then it "hardened" up over night. This was the first time I'd ever made it and I was pretty pleased with the outcome. I was so careful to get everything just right...just like a complicated surgery.LOL I also sat mine in a bowl of ice water to beat...didn't have to put in/take out of the freezer. Could that be a problem? Ginger

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No I have done it in an ice bath too. Try to beat it a bit less. Make it a little softer then you would like and then let it sit overnight. I will get harder as it sits and rests. The kitchenaide is what I found really did the trick, It incorporated the air into it to make it "fluff" The hand beater doesn't seem to get the air into it.

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How do you make the soft, fluffy butters? I made some once and it's the same consistancy as noxzema but was hoping for something fluffier. What do I need to do different? Sorry to steal the thread. Ginger

IMO/personal experience adding more oils and beating w/ your mixer will do the trick. When I make mine I cover it and let it sit at least a week. As it sits (mine gets harder). So I add more oils to it and mix it on high. I don't have a kitchen-aid either and use the ice bath method. I was smart the last time I made it I wrote down the amount I added each time to get it to the consistency I wanted it. :grin2:

Dani you can do a search and look under the gallery ones that come up for pictures of what some look like. I agree w/ LL its a personal preference (I like mine to have a frosting consistency). HTHA

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I don't have a "Kitchen Aid" per se, BUT I have that type of bowl mixer. My question is after making body products with the mixer do you then still use it for food stuff???? I thought that was kind of tabu?



I thought the same thing. After making B&B, I just couldn't bring myself to put food in anything I used including using the mixer. So, I traveled thrift stores and consignment shops and bought everything for a fraction of the price. I've seen the Kitchen Aide mixers at church thrift stores for $20.00 ( I have one) I bought 6 various sized stainless steel mixing bowls for $2 total as well as many other things! I also made a list of things that I wanted. I gave a copy to my mother and we both keep it with us in case we spot a yard sale, or we're near a thrift store. We update the list weekly.

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I would like to know which type of KitchenAid everyone is using? Those suckers are expensive!!! But if it's worth it, I'd be willing to invest in one.

They are expensive. I bought mine on ebay for $80. I have never used it for cooking just making my whipped butters. If you choose to buy one make sure it comes with the attachment that is used for whipping cream or eggs. This is what makes your recipe fluffy

I think it was worth the money.

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