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M&P soap swerling


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Hi to all of you. I am a new soaper and I need all of you to help me along. :confused: I want to make pretty swirls, but it all seems to drop to the bottom. Could anyone of you give me a hint how to do this? I pour at 140 degrees F. This does not give me much time to get the colored batch melted, before the first one skins over. Removing the skins seems quite a waste. Please let me know what would happen if I would stir the skin back in. Christa

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Swirling M&P while not impossible, is not very easy and takes a lot of trial and error and soap! LOL

I know I have a site bookmarked that has a tutorial for that, I'll have to look among the millions of bookmarks I have though.

Stirring the skin back in is tricky as well, since M&P cools so quickly, usually what happens when I try to stir the skin back in, is that it leaves little clumps.

The only thing I can suggest is to keep stirring it as best you can while the "colored" batch is melting and then pour when the "uncolored" or first part is just getting a bit thicker.

I've yet to do it successfully myself, but I know that it can be done.

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its tricky but you can do it.. I not only let one skin form but 2, and I dont remove them I just stir them back into the soap.

Heavier bases are harder to swirl, I have better results with MP without a lot of additives added.

One trick I use is I pour the two colors at once.. slowly from opposite sides of the mold, I dont pour one.. then add another on top for swriling.

There is a small tutorial here


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