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White Palm Pillars??

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Mine is 100% Palm Wax from JBN. "Votives & Pillars - Fine Granulated Beads"

The "beads" themselves are cream or ecru in color - not white like soy flakes; but when melted and poured, the candles made from it are quite white. I use palm stearic in mine also. It's white, unlike the soy stearic additive, which is the same color as the palm wax. Totally blew my mind, but they both pour white without coloring.

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Lynn, I have used white "dye" to get mine a whiter/brighter white with good results. I have always used the liquid dyes from AAA so I don't really have anyone elses liquids to compare them to. I think they are great.


BTW...I think that all of us are getting our Palm wax from Maylasia these days.

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