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pre creamed shortening


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Went to the store today before this big storm is supposed to hit us. I picked up a can of "pre-creamed shortetning". Says its made with meat fats and vegetable oils. Can I do anything with this stuff?

I am super low on really good stuff and seems like I only have ample supplies of CO, OO, Canola, Palm, Avacado oil and a bit of kokum, shea, safflower oils. I keep trying to make up new recipes, but the numbers are not like I like them. I am going to make sure I never run out of PKO or castor again.

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I use the Walmart brand of "pre-creamed" shortening or meat shortening. I know some use it in place of lard, others use it in place of tallow. Because the company won't tell you exactly what's in it, you can't know exactly how to calculate it. I personally use the tallow calculation for it with no issues.

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