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Peak's Fragrance Oil Quantity Discount


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Just wanted to share this with everyone. In case you haven't ordered from Peak since the website changed, you must now request your quantity discount when ordering online. When I did not see my discount on my last order, I contacted them to see what changed. Here is the answer: We have not been able to implement our volume discount onto our new website because it was a separate software program. However, we are honoring our previous volume discounts until we get something in place. Just leave us a reminder in the ‘special instructions’ area during checkout and we will issue the discount manually. The volume discount is 10% when you order 5 bottles and 15% when you order 10 or more bottles of fragrance oil.

Greetings from Sunny Florida and my sympathy to y'all stuck in snowtorms. :cool2:

(Honest-been there, done that, moved to Fla.)

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I hear they are getting socked with snow again out West, but it is 78 here and I am pouring candles in the lanai....

Figured you experienced chandlers knew about Peak's, but thought I would throw it out for us infrequent flyers. BTW, thanks for your great input and advice on this great forum.

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