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Test Burn Time

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Good morning! I'm new to the forum, But have been reading lots and lots! You guys are great!

I am trying to test a couple of different wicks and Soy Waxes.

I am not testing for throw so I was wondering how long I have to wait after the candles are set up to test burn them.

I know that at least 12 hours if you are testing a fragrance. I not worried about fragrance right now, Just trying to get my candles to burn right with the right wick!

Thank you all so much!

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I wait a few day sometimes a week because I have run in too times where my wicking will change when a candle is a few weeks old. It like the stuff settles it will only change if a few of the scents. Like my F&M I wait 2 weeks before I wick test because I can almost guarantee the wicking will not be the same the next day as it is in 2 weeks.

As for scent throw you need at least 24 hour for your first test in throw.

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