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1st chunks in containers


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ok, beings i was dying to try some chunks and didnt have any molds, i used containers. i used 1343 colored chunks yellow, orange, and blue(unscented, no additives) the overpour i used stearine and scented tropical beach. the overpour was at 190, i think a little to hot? does this look about right?



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these are wisteria, i scented chunks in these, using 1343,stearine,and 1oz of scent, the overpour straight. one of the pics looks blueish, but they are actually purple and a lighter purple. any suggestions are appreciated..and i will be buying me some molds...they are so much fun, i even got my 12yr.old daughter involved making the chunks..she wants to try different shapes..:yay: and just look how good i am now doing posting pics:yay: i also lowered overpour temp to 170 for these.



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thanks Patience, i grew up in the 70's too:naughty: wicked does mean good, bad also meant good...lol...

not me of course but i remember friends saying stuff like "man that weed is wicked" or that is some bada** stuff..lol...:cool2:

lol @ wanda your funny girl...........nice chunks, love the purple ones

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